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ProfessWP.com Has prepared this privacy policy. To protect the personal information of all service users (Personal Information) who contact to use the services of the website of ProfessWP.com as follows:

Collection of Personal Information
For the convenience of providing services to all service users who visit the website. (of departments) The website therefore collects your personal information such as e-mail address, name, address, zip code and telephone number. In case you apply to apply for membership or to use either service ProfessWP.com will collect additional personal information such as your gender, age, interests and address in the cost notification, in addition to surveying the popularity of the service This will be useful in applying statistics to improve the quality of service. ProfessWP.com Therefore, it is necessary to collect some additional information about you, such as IP address, type of search engine, domain name, web page record, of the website the user visits, the time of visit to the website. and the website that the user accessed before

use of personal information
ProfessWP.com will use your personal information only as necessary, such as name and address for contact, public relations services or provide news information including surveying your opinions on the business or activities of ProfessWP.com only ProfessWP.com certify that it will not use your personal information at ProfessWP.com collected To sell or distribute to third parties is strictly prohibited. Unless authorized by you only. Statistical analysis of the entity or activities of ProfessWP.com etc. ProfessWP.com will require the agency that has been hired to do so Keep the confidentiality and security of your personal information. and prohibits the use of such personal data other than activities or business of ProfessWP.com

Right to control your personal data
For the benefit of maintaining your privacy have the right to have your personal data used or shared or may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from ProfessWP.com, you just need to fill in the said intention to notify ProfessWP.com in writing or by e-mail address

Security for personal information
For the benefit of confidentiality and security of your personal information ProfessWP.com therefore has established internal regulations to determine the right to access or use your personal information and to maintain the confidentiality and security of certain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc. ProfessWP. com Therefore, a secure communication channel for such information has been provided by accessing Encrypt such information, for example, by providing the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Use of cookies (Cookies)
ProfessWP.com Use cookies to save preferences. and other information on the computer To save the time of typing duplicate information several times, ProfessWP.com It also uses cookies to enhance your login experience by saving you from having to type in your password. You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You can decline cookies if you wish. If you choose to decline cookies, ProfessWP.com The information that “cookies” recorded or collected will be used for statistical analysis. or in other activities of ProfessWP.com to improve the service quality of ProfessWP.com next

Privacy Policy Updates
ProfessWP.com May update or amend the privacy policy without prior notice to you for the suitability and efficiency of the service. In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments. About Privacy Policy or compliance with this Privacy Policy ProfessWP.com Happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions. and comments which will be beneficial to improving the service of which you can contact ProfessWP.com Via email : support@ProfessWP.com

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