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Websites can help increase your business’s potential beyond the competition and create a stronger brand. It’s like an office or a storefront that is online all the time, 24 hours a day, 365 days without being a holiday, which is the identity that customers can access, contact and ask for more information about products or services. It is also a hub for connecting with social media such as FaceBook, Youtube, Line, WhatApp to make your business known in the market even more.

Create Reliable
Measure Results
Big Experience
Team that you can trust
Design user experience Create a balance between content and goals according to each type of website such as blogs, advertising websites. , Activity website , Performance website , News website , Website selling products online (E-Commerce)
Strong Team
Leading in the industry specialists
Our team of WordPress developers and experts have a good understanding of the basic principles, such as the standards, composition and content of the website. Website access And content optimization for search (SEO Friendly)
Personal Training
Take into the specifics of your business
Training on the use of the WordPress platform, including maintaining the website and providing technical advice such as using the control window (Dashboard) to add or edit content by ourselves after we have delivered the website to customers.

CMS Website Design & Development Process

ProfessWP performs all the steps to get results from general concepts to websites. For use We follow the industry’s best practices in the process of analysis, design, development, testing, training and real-world operations. The main steps of our work methods are as follows.

Step 1
Concept Initiation
In the first step, we will discuss and confirm the order according to the purpose of the data, the collection of elements that are the identity of the company to design the website, such as symbols, colors and pictures of the company.
Step 2
Analysis and Design
The second step is to identify the target audience who will visit the website. The type of data to be displayed Access to information and forms for searching target groups
Step 3
Data Structure
This step focuses on creating the overall website design framework. To ensure usability and technical solutions
Step 4
Website Design
The next step is to assemble the components that are obtained from the first step and the overall data structure to provide a way for our website designers to create the look and feel of the new website.
Step 5
Management Concepts
In the next step,ProfessWP will design, create, and test a new website that uses CMS working methods, including special code development codes, to meet user and technical requirements.
Step 6
Moving systems or Data
ProfessWP will use the tools and techniques for moving content from the old website to the new website that is the new CMS platform.
Step 7
We believe that the process of transferring information requires knowledge transfer. Especially CMS website management, so we will provide training for staff throughout the project.
Step 8
We will move the website development process to the website creation area for usability testing. Therefore, we will create a new website with a suitable CMS platform without any technical faults before releasing it to the target audience.
Step 9
Website Creation
We extend the service for another 30 days after providing assistance with technical issues. In addition, we also provide service options for system maintenance and ongoing assistance.
Step 10
Project Monitoring
ProfessWP will assign project managers to monitor project operations and be responsible for completing the new website project.

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ProfessWP is a total digital online solution provider in thailand that had been registered business with the ministry of commerce. for designing and developing popular CMS Website such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, including consulting, training and support for technical solutions, internet marketing , SEO for websites (Search Engine Optimization)

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